Saturday, November 3, 2007

Advancement Ideas...

Happy November everyone!

Okay, so here are my ideas for possibilities on how a character can advance:
1)At the end of each game, everyone gets a random (low) chance at gaining an advancement.
2)At the end of each game, each party gets a certain number of advancement dice, which will give the player a chance to of advancing.
3)Each player gains an automatic advancement for killing another character.
4)Each mission will grant chances at additional advancements.
5)Beating a stronger army grants more advancements.
6)Not using all your Luck Points gives extra advancements.
7)Surviving or winning a battle gives extra advancements.
8)Advancement chances are determined by the number of actions you make, or by the number of times you roll a "1" (or something equivalent).
9)Losing a battle grants extra advancements (since in real life you learn more from losing than from winning, and losing already sucks).

1 seems a bit simple, though I kind of like it. 2 I like also. 3 seems too close to other games, and might lead to a bit of a death spiral (though maybe not), and requires book-keeping. 4 I like, though need to figure out how to incorperate it into missions. 5 I like, and will probably do. 6 I think might just be silly, though maybe it could be interesting. 7, maybe, although again I worry about the spiral thing (although, maybe these are canceled out by 5). 8 is too much book keeping, and might generate actions for the sake of actions. 9, well, I think players would revolt.

So those are my thoughts. I need to do that and the missions, but then I think I've got the campaign thing under control.


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