Monday, July 13, 2009

A distraction

Okay, I've been distracted for the past couple weeks on another game. It's called "For Science." It was created because of a contest on the Board Game Designer's Forum. In some ways, it is there to be everything that Illeria is not. It's a very light, simple game. The rulebook is all of 2 pages, it takes 30 or 45 minutes to play, and is just vicious and fun.

Strangely enough, one or two playtests and it's already going really well. I don't know, the guys who have tried it all love it, though I think it could use some work (they are not quite the critics or perfectionists I am; this is probably why every game design advice column says don't just play with your friends). All the same, it's not like I have to playtest for hundreds of possible rule combinations with this one.

On the whole, this has been good, I think. I just hope I don't get disheartened by how easy this one is...

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