Thursday, December 17, 2009

More thoughts on points...

A thing I always wondered about: is it worth considering a psychological value when adding up points? Let's say you have a ogre, with a massive club. That is much scarier than a healer who regeneration and heavy armor. However, what if they are evenly matched? I sometimes wonder if the ogre with a massive club should be worth more, just because everyone is going to freak out when they see it. Does that make sense?

I guess to tie it a little more to my game: whenever I did playtesting, it was rare that anyone would give their character a boost to statistics. Everyone preferred something more sexy, like a special attack. However, I'm finding that often, the special abilities have been weaker than the statistics. The problem is, I slightly worry that if I weaken the stats so they do actually match evenly, then even fewer people will pick them. I mean, I guess that shouldn't be my concern, my concern should be what is actually even, and rather than leave a game ready to be unbalanced (as soon as a player really crunches the numbers).


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