Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To comment on a previous post...

I should say, in respones to my "...shit" post, that I really shouldn't bad mouth the peace corps. I was in a really really bad mood when I posted that. I do know they care about us. I do know that they are crazy about taking care of us and keeping us safe. Shoot, my nurse reminded me of my mother in how much she worried about me. And I do think they are a good organization, and they do do good things. I guess my only bitterness about the peace corps came from, well, they are a branch of the US government, and as such has not gotten away from the all encompassing bureaucracy. Once you get to your site and get away from it, everything is just grand.

Although, really, if I thought they were a bad organization I wouldn't try so hard to get back in. Honestly, I've thought about joining other similar NGOs, and have worried slightly that the health care won't be as good.

Anyways, the posts are going well, and the game is coming along. I don't know, because of a small personal crisis things might be delayed a bit more, but hopefully things will come out soon.

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